Boone Watershed

Good day to all. We’ve started this website as a continuation of our efforts to secure positive environmental outcomes for the Boone watershed. We are in a vital part of the ecosystem and we believe that without actively protecting our environment, we will succumb to environmental destruction.

It is vital that our group is active in the protection of our native environment. There are fewer things worth caring about more than the protection of nature.

Over the coming months we will have more information up that outlines what our group stands for and how we aim to achieve it. We need to all come together to secure positive environmental outcomes. Without your help, we may permanently lose great parts of our environment that generations before us have enjoyed.

Think of the last time that you played in the park with your family members. Think of the last time you took your dog for a walk. Think of the education you received on school trips to the wilderness. All of this will be lost without your help.

Nature has no defenders apart from ourselves. We can wield great destructive forces over nature, but we have fewer ways of fixing it. There is strong asymmetry in our interactions with nature. Once something natural is lost, it is difficult to rebuild; it is typically lost for good.

So we need your help. We need everyone’s help. Our fight is the good fight and we will never give up until our environmental future is secure.

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